Hey Brook. Thanks for reading! Most paid channels offer tools that help you determine traffic figures (Facebook ads, Twitter Ads, Google Ads, etc) Keep in mind that his numbers are just estimations and you'll need to validate (Minimum Viable Campaign) them so create small campaigns to validate those numbers and things like messaging, Value Props etc - Once I get a better idea of each channel from a performance perspective I double down on the ones that work.

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There are 3 factors you need to consider before acquiring an Enterprise SEO platform

  • A clear strategy
  • A competent team executing it
  • A set of powerful SEO tools or SEO Stack — and a team that understands how to use them.

Enterprise SEO platforms are powerful and they can help you simplify your workflow, outrank your competitors and prioritise actions with the biggest ROI for your business. But the truth is, it’s not about picking an SEO platform and instantly seeing results. …

A guide to getting started

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You don’t have to be a social media influencer to crave more visibility online. Indeed, no matter why you are on social media, you may want others to discover information about you and take advantage of a link to your site. As Instagram is one of the most popular platforms today, you’ll want to use their bio link capability to connect your profile. But you only have one place to do this here, based on Instagram’s specific rules. For many people who want to keep in touch with supporters, avid readers, or buyers, this may be a problem. …

“The higher man is distinguished from the lower by his fearlessness and his readiness to challenge misfortune.”― Friedrich Nietzsche, The Will to Power

Uncertainties have always been among us, as they imply a gap on our own interpretation of reality. According to Dr Joshua Wakeham “uncertainty occurs at the limits of knowledge” and as human beings our understanding of reality will always be limited.

Today I’m deconstruction Ann Rockley’s “Why You Need Two Types of Content Strategist


Companies treating content as a scalable business asset, need to understand there are 2 types of Content strategists: front-end and back-end.

The coordination of both the front end and the back end it is crucial to develop an approach that leads to content that performs well with different type of customers & takes advantage of automation.

Front-end and back-end roles require different mindsets, each important. In some cases, an individual may play both roles, but most content strategists develop one skill set or the other.

Front-end content strategists


Today I’m deconstruction Michael Andrew’s “User Centric Content Models


Content Models are required to organize your content they require a user centric approach.

There are 2 common approaches to content modelling

  • Technical: content model is like a database
  • Structured Authoring: Content model is a structural representation of a massive document

Both Databases and Structured Authoring are a great analogies for content models as they are not taking into consideration your audience.

Creating a user centric content model — Step by Step

The following process will allow you to see connections between different types of information, and help to ensure that your model supports your customer’s journey.

Here’s the process:

Today I’m deconstruction Ross SimmondsWhy & how brands should adopt content distribution processes in their marketing mix


Most companies using content marketing haven’t been able to experience the real value of content as they neglect the power of content distribution . As a result most content marketing teams aren’t able to generate a steady stream of traffic, leads and sales.

Why Content Distribution is Important?

There’s more noise than ever and brands are struggling getting people’s attention

A practical guide for non-technical people

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AI is currently a “hot topic” it has tons of media coverage, and public discussions are through the roof. It is meant to be “the trend” marketers and business owners need to be across to stay relevant and get significantly better results.

Most content online about this topic is either too technical or too vague. It is quite hard to find content introducing these relatively complex concepts to “Startup Founders & Non-technical marketers” — Why? Because the public perception of AI, in general, is nebulous

With artificial intelligence as part of your skillset, you would be able to:

  • Make sense…

Chances are, you need better strategy, not more tools

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Marketing Automation (MA) historically has been perceived as a magic solution for most businesses' growth problems. Many business and marketing “experts” are obsessed with automation, preventing them from strategically thinking about their customers and instead relying on tools to automate as much as they can without a clear or realistic goal in mind.

Regardless of all the noise made by mainstream media and marketing technology companies, marketers still struggling with their jobs.

The Problem

Why are they struggling? In simple terms, their approach is wrong…

Assemble and implement a powerful suite of marketing tools for your business

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Nowadays, there isn’t a single industry that hasn’t been transformed or influenced by technology, and marketing is not the exception.

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